DIY Financial Planning

In this lesson you have to get resource and tips money management on investing and when to invest.

DIY Trademarks, Patents, & Copyrights

Why you will need to protect your Intellectual Property. Brief Break down of each. How much will it Cost.Tips on how to obtain.

DIY Marketing

Why you need a marketing plan. Step by Steps on how to create the plan & budget. How to target your audience.Tips on how to get a reaction from your audience

DIY Building Your Brand

Logo & Color Psychology. Web, Social Media Presence . Tips on Effective Networking (Creating Leverage)

Monthly Webinar

The monthly webinar will feature a Business Expert. The webinar will cover business strategies, resources, and direction. Each student will get an email with a link to join the live webinar.

Monthly Newsletter on Latest Industry Trends

Will be updated every on the 5th of every month. BBBE Insider will keep Beauty Professionals current with industry trends, new techniques, business tips, product reviews, and all things beauty business.